Monday Must Haves

Monday Must Haves: Novelty Print Dresses For Your Novelty Print Soul

I’ve wanted to do a Monday Must Haves of novelty print dresses ever since I did one on novelty bags. But I wanted to take the time to do it right. I mean, it’s pretty hard to see the cute print when it’s a full picture of the dress. There needs to be a close-up picture too. I love that a lot of times people think a novelty print dress is just a floral dress or that it’s covered in something abstract, but then they look closer and realize that it’s clocks or nutcrackers and they go crazy. That’s always fun. BUT if you’re shopping for novelty print dresses you have to look REALLY HARD, because usually they’re mixed in with those same floral or abstract prints. I found so many novelty print dresses that I love. (And some that I really didn’t love. Like this one with brooms and dustpans. Sorry but I don’t love cleaning THAT much!) It was really hard to narrow them down. But I tried to go for ones that would be awesome to wear for Christmas.


(via: ModCloth)
This is definitely one of those dresses that I passed over the first time because I thought it was just a floral print dress. But then I randomly clicked on it and I’m very happy that I did. I LOVE the vintage design of the dress. And the deer (let’s just call them reindeer) print is so cute.

(via: ASOS)
This print is a lot easier to see from far away, but I love it. I definitely get a Carebears vibe from it. Even the little buttons on the front are rainbow colored.

(via: Pinup Girl Clothing)
This makes me think of pink elephants on parade from Dumbo. I love this print SO much!

(via: Silly Old Sea Dog)
Hello perfect Christmas dress! The sweet nutcrackers with candy treats is so perfect. I would wear this in July with no shame.

(via: ASOS)
I’ve had my eye on this one for a while now. I just can’t get over how cute the unicorns are with their pink manes and long eyelashes. And I love how the blue and white in the dress makes me think of a cloudy sky.


(via: Swonderful Boutique)
LOVE THIS! It’s totally Pinocchio, but it also reminds me of the toys on the island of misfit toys. For that reason, I think this dress would work perfectly for Christmas.


(via: Silly Old Sea Dog)
The pattern on this dress is magnificent. It says things like “rayon and cotton crepe leads the fashion parade” and “don’t let ironing get you down!” Brilliant and beautiful.


(via: ModCloth)
I love cameos more than I can even explain. I mean, just look at my Pastel Carousel banner. So of course this dress would be PERFECT for me. And it’s an amazing shade of red. So that makes it another awesome Christmas dress. But if you’re looking for something a little bit different, here’s a zombie cameo dress that’s also amazing.


(via: Cath Kidston)
This wall of clocks looks like something the White Rabbit would have in his home. Such a quirky print and I love it.


(via: Sourpuss)
Christmas kitties! What a cute and perfect (purrfect?) dress. I love the color combination. And that reminds me…I was at Hobby Lobby recently and I noticed they have a TON of Christmas stuff in these colors. Which is awesome. I might have giggled a bit at some older women who complained about it not being GREEN and one woman said “that’s NOT Christmas!” But that’s OK. They’ll come around.


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