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Hey there! Welcome to my blog! My name is Rae and I live in Dallas, Texas. I’m a stay-at-home mom who’s completely in love with pastel colors. I have a major obsession with dresses and fashion — especially stripes, polka dots, cute prints, and vintage. I love anything whimsical. Candy, ice cream, and macarons are my favorite. So are flamingos, mermaids, and the Moon Dreamers. I love steampunk and I’m fascinated with airships. My favorite show is New Girl. Alice in Wonderland is my favorite book, movie, cartoon, way of life. I love gaming. I tend to lean toward games where I can customize my character’s gender, hair, and clothes. And yet I’m also hopelessly addicted to PVP.

BUT what I really love above all else is God and my family. My husband’s name is Jeremy and we’ve been married for nine years. Together we have two crazy awesome kids. Shade Eisley Kate, who’s five years old, and Atlas Arkham Logan, who just turned three. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom ever since Shade was born and it certainly has been challenging, but I don’t regret that decision at all.

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Here you can read my thoughts and experiences on parenting, but I also write about fashion, gaming, books, and everything else that interests me.

Thanks for reading!

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You can contact me at rae@pastelcarousel.com.

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  1. Hi, Rae! It’s crazy — but that’s the first time I ever so closely related to anybody’s “About” section! I love pastels (baby pink best), stripes and polka dots. I love Alice in Wonderland (have done a couple posts about it), and I love Jesus. That pic of you and your hubby it totes adorable, too. :):):)

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