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Lady Petrova’s Sixteen Collection

Rainbows, mermaids, and mushrooms. It’s safe to say that ALL are welcome in Lady Petrova’s land.

I am so in love with the photos from Lady Petrova’s new “Sixteen” collection. Just look at this sweet and whimsical place. It looks like an awesome mixture of Candyland, Babes in Toyland, and Disneyland. All of my favorite things. The colors are simply gorgeous and the setting matches the clothing SO well. I think if anyone understands the importance of not just selling clothes, but selling a style, it’s definitely Lady Petrova.

All of the clothes featured in this collection are so incredibly lovely. I mean, just look at the beautiful rainbow print, hand-painted sequins, lace, silk organza, and tulle. Not to mention the trapped feathers, stars and rose petals. And the rainbow dress has the biggest bow on the back that I’ve probably ever seen. The clothes are all so magical in their own unique way. It’s amazing. And I know they would be just as amazing in photos with only a plain white background. But let’s face it, the photos above are really what captures the attention of everyone who loves this style of clothing. This is what makes people stop and drool because they want to GO THERE and LIVE THERE and DREAM THERE while WEARING THAT.

So keep up the good work, Lady Petrova. You have my full attention.

If you love it all as much as I do, you can check out the collection at


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