My Style

The Rory Gilmore


If you didn’t notice the photobomb, I don’t blame you. I didn’t notice it until I started to edit these pictures. Atlas is sneaky like that.

I’ve been re-watching Gilmore Girls since it hit Netflix streaming and probably driving the kids crazy with my back-to-back episodes. But that’s OK! There’s only so much Doc McStuffins and Octonauts a mom can take. So I was watching it today and I realized how similar this outfit is to Rory’s (here and here) which makes this outfit that much more awesome in my book! It’s totally comfortable, warm, and cute. And I think the Alice in Wonderland tights adds just the right amount of whimsy to it.

Outfit details:
Turtleneck – vintage (similar here or here)
Skirt – vintage (similar here or here)
Tights – Hot Topic
Shoes – ModCloth


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