Monday Must Haves

Monday Must Haves: A (Cute) Beanie For Your Thoughts

The temperature tomorrow is supposed to plummet from 70 degrees to 50 degrees. So I can FINALLY say bye bye to the crazy summer weather we’ve been having! I’ve been wanting to buy some awesome winter hats lately. I remember last year all the stores seemed to have a lot of cupcake beanies and things like that. I should’ve bought one or two when I had the chance. I haven’t seen many of those this year. But, oh well. There’s still plenty of cute ones out there!


(via: Sheinside)
This one is my favorite. I just love the simplicity and the COLOR, of course. It’s cute and reminds me of a pink Minnie Mouse.

(via: ASOS)
HOW CUTE IS THIS? Christmas is coming, you guys! And who doesn’t love reindeer?


(via: Hot Topic)
I love Hot Topic. It’s the place to shop where NO ONE would guess you got your stuff from them. I mean, yes this is a Little Mermaid beanie and I love The Little Mermaid. But it also just looks like a general mermaid symbol. And it’s not black. So if I saw someone wearing this my first thought really wouldn’t be HEY THEY GOT THAT AT HOT TOPIC. But they have random gems like this and that’s why they’re awesome. And this beanie is awesome.

(via: ASOS)
It’s a panda hat! Cute! Makes me want to re-subscribe to WoW just so I can play Mists of Pandaria while wearing this hat. Too much? Nah.


(via: Choies)
Love this little hat. At first glance you would think it’s a normal knit hat, but then you see the cat ears. It’s perfect for a little bit of surprise crazy.


(via: ASOS)
BUT this one is GREAT if you just want crazy! Absolutely no subtlety here. I would be totally sold if this came in pink.


(via: ASOS)
This one would have been better for Halloween actually. It would be a lot of fun to wear it to a pumpkin patch. But that’s OK. It’s still adorable and perfect to wear while sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Latte.


(via: ROMWE)
I am so in love with this beanie. I think it’s the Mad Hatter style coming out in me. I just wish it came in pink, blue, or purple. Something colorful and fun! But I still love it so much.


(via: Forever 21)
I think this one might fall under the “ugly sweater” category of hats, but it’s so great! I mean, the cute little snowman is wearing a hat and the pom pom on HIS hat is also the pom pom on YOUR hat. It’s the little things, you know.


(via: ArtingsOfJoye)
So I couldn’t find any cute treat-themed hats at the big stores this year, but I DID manage to find this one on Etsy. Which wasn’t easy to find because there’s SO MANY for kids and babies (like this one) and I even found one for a Blythe doll (HERE AND IT’S SO CUTE). But I finally found this one and it’s adorable so I’ll take it please, thanks!


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