Monday Must Haves

Monday Must Haves: So Call Me…Crazy Novelty Bag Lady


Asos New Look Doughnut Clutch Bag
I’m so glad they came out with this. I’m a big fan of purses/jewelry items shaped like sweet confections. And I love the color of the sprinkles. Now if I could only get over the Homer Simpson association…


Loris Shooting Star Shoulder Bag
I’m pretty sure this one has been around for a while, but I still love it. I’m a big fan of “The Moondreamers” and that’s what I think of every time I see this bag. Perfect.


Betsey Johnson Kiss My Lips Purse
So cute! I’m not entirely sure if a cell phone could even fit in here. It might depend on what type you have. But it’s still adorable and I would expect nothing less from Betsey Johnson.


Lolita Alice’s Teapot Bag
Being the Alice in Wonderland fan that I am, I had to include this one. I’m surprised that I don’t already own it. It’s adorable.


PU Leather Lip Shoulder Bag
I seriously love the color of this bag. It’s so bright and eye-catching. I’d love to pair it with some pastel colors, just to see the bag take center stage.


Betsey Johnson Makeup Palette Bag
This one really reminds me of the ’80s. The gold chain, the black, and the vibrant colors of the makeup are channeling some ’80s Madonna style. Nothing wrong with that!


Street Fashion Clock Shape Tote
If I ever owned this one, I’d probably run around saying “I’m late, I’m late!” everywhere I went and that would drive my husband bonkers. Maybe even my kids, too. But I would have fun.


Shine Bright Bag
You have no idea how bad I wish this was an actual diamond. I realize that goes against the entire POINT of a diamond. But oh well! The colors are amazing.


New Look Milkshake Clutch Bag
You HAVE to have a milkshake to go with the doughnut! Reminds me of a real milkshake from every ’50s style diner I’ve ever been to. Very cute.


Romwe Perfume Shaped Pink Bag
You can’t tell me that you don’t need a bag shaped like a bottle of perfume. I wouldn’t believe you.


Strawberry Shaped Bag
I know if I ever brought this bag home, it wouldn’t belong to me any longer. My daughter is a hardcore Strawberry Shortcake fan and there’s no way she’d let me keep it. She wouldn’t steal it in a demanding way though. She’s more sneaky than that. It would be a slow, subtle movement of this bag from my room and into hers. But I couldn’t blame her.


The WhitePepper Unicorn Clutch
Pink. Unicorn. That is all.


Kate Spade Hello Shanghai Pollie
This bag reminds me of the BBC show “The Paradise” which means I love it a lot. Those two little lovebirds are so very sweet. And the bag itself looks like it has plenty of space to use as a real purse. Not just a phone/card holder.


Pink Flamingo Purse
The perfect purse if you’re a flamingo loving person like myself. Beautifully hand crafted.


JumpFromPaper Ballerina Purse
This one is so fascinating. I think the title of the company really describes it best. It looks like the bag has been drawn on a piece of paper. The bold lines really make it look like it came out of a cartoon or maybe even a comic book. So if you’ve ever wanted to look like a cartoon character, here’s your chance!


ModCloth Soft Serve You Well Bag
Of course I love this bag! What’s not to love? Ice cream is awesome. The Pink swirl in the middle is awesome. But the best part? This is a crossbody bag and not a clutch. Don’t get me wrong…clutches are great for a date, but not so great if you have kids (or if you’re Captain Hook). You need that free hand for MANY things other than a cute purse. So, TADA! Cuteness without the loss of a hand.

4 thoughts on “Monday Must Haves: So Call Me…Crazy Novelty Bag Lady

  1. Hi, are any of your Betsey Johnson handbags for sale? I would like to purchase the Kiss my Lips and the Makeup Pallette bag. Please let me know . Thank you

    1. Hi there! I don’t actually sell any handbags. I just provide links to merchandise that I love. You can try or perhaps or for those handbags. Thanks for stopping by!

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