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Pastel Carousel | TV Series Review | BBC | Netflix | The Paradise

The Paradise is a show that surprised me from the very beginning. First of all, I didn’t have much hope for it when it was added to Netflix because I had never heard of it before. (I had heard of Downton Abbey, but I still haven’t watched that one.) And I think we all know how bad unheard of things on Netflix can be! Still, the summary of The Paradise piqued my interest so I decided to give it a try. And I’m glad that I did.

The show begins in 1875 and is centered around the first English department store called The Paradise. John Moray, a widower, is the owner. And Denise Lovett has just arrived from Peebles, a small town in Scotland, seeking employment. Actually she was seeking employment from her uncle who owns a draper’s shop across the street from The Paradise. But he basically tells her that The Paradise is running him out of business so she’d be better off getting a job over there…with his competitor. Which is slightly funny, but also makes sense. At least one of them will be making money, right?

Pastel Carousel | TV Series Review | BBC | Netflix | The Paradise

Denise immediately falls in love with The Paradise. And so do I. Everything from the architecture and intricate design of the building to the COLORS are simply beautiful. I just want to live there forever. Denise is hired as a salesgirl in Ladieswear and this is where the story begins.

Pastel Carousel | TV Series Review | BBC | Netflix | The Paradise

What I love about Denise’s character is how ambitious she is. She sees The Paradise in a way that no one else does. She sees the potential. And while reluctant to speak up, she craves for the chance for her ideas to be heard and put into motion. When her ideas are finally realized, everyone sees that they’re brilliant. She has a true PASSION for fashion and business. The owner, Mr. Moray, takes notice of her talent and sees her as a rising star within The Paradise. This creates a lot of tension between Denise and her co-workers, but she never apologizes for doing what she loves and being good at it.

Pastel Carousel | TV Series Review | BBC | Netflix | The Paradise

There is romance, but it’s not without complications, of course. A sort of love-triangle develops between the characters. There is also mystery, murder, tons of fun drama, and many BEAUTIFUL Victorian style fashions. The fashion within this show is definitely one of my favorite parts. I notice something new in every episode and fall in love with it.

Pastel Carousel | TV Series Review | BBC | Netflix | The Paradise

My only complaint about The Paradise is that there are only two seasons. The show was cancelled before the third season which is a total bummer! But it’s still an amazing TV series that I would definitely recommend. So if you have a passion for Victorian fashion and style, can relate to Denise in your ambitions, or you’re just looking for a good romance to binge-watch on Valentine’s Day. Give The Paradise a try. I can’t get enough of it.

You can read more about The Paradise by visiting the official website here.
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16 thoughts on “The Paradise

  1. I loved the series, but then I discovered the book and I loved that even more! I had no idea that the series was based on ‘The Ladies Paradise’ by French writer Emile Zola. I had to read it for research for an article I was writing on shopping in 19th century Paris, as you do, and it was even better than the tv show. The original is far grittier, and the descriptions of the displays in the store, the fashions and the characters’ lives are all so vividly written, I couldn’t put it down. The only distraction was the accents – I couldn’t shake off TV Clara’s broad Geordie ‘Denise’, or TV Denise’s wee Scottish voice even though everyone else was Parisian. Confusing? you bet! Worth reading anyway? most definitely! 🙂

    1. I’ve been wanting to read that so bad! I’m glad to hear that it’s a great book. I admit that I was a little hesitant to buy the book since what I love the most about the show is actually seeing the fashion and lovely colors. BUT I think I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the recommendation! 😀 And the accent trouble is really funny 😆 I’m sure I’ll have the same problem when I read it!

  2. Love this this show! Reading this has made me want to rewatch it! I looooove how colorful, and just general how visually stunning it is. Plus, I’m a sucker for Victorian England… Great review!

    1. I love it too! Everything about it is absolutely stunning! 💖 And I really do hope that it goes to South Africa soon so you can see it. I mean, jeez, I can’t believe it’s not there already 😠

      1. The next town over from where I live is almost exclusively Victorian architecture with most of its houses. Many of them well over 125 years.

      2. Upwards of $1,000,000 +. Real estate in and around Chicago is really expensive. Taxes are not any better. But I would not trade living here for the world!

  3. I just started the series yesterday! I’m already hooked! I love your review! I highly recommend “El tiempo entre costuras” or “The time in between” it’s on Netflix with English subs. It’s an awesome show about a fashion designer from Spain who becomes a spy for the British during WW2. Fashion, war and love 🙂

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