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Why, Hello There 2016! A Re-Introduction of Sorts

Happy New Year everyone! 2015 was an amazing year for the most part and I can’t wait to see what 2016 will bring. I’ve gained quite a lot of followers and new friends over the past few months, so I thought I would take a minute and re-introduce myself and my blog to everyone out there reading.


Pastel Carousel | Happy New Year | Blogging in 2016

So, Hello! My name is Rae and it’s nice to meet you! My husband’s name is Jeremy. We’ve been married for eight years now. But it was eleven years ago that I knocked him over the head, dragged him back to my cave, and said “We good together. You date me!” And I was right. Not to brag or anything. Together we have two amazingly (and yes, sometimes amazingly irritating) kids together. Shade is four years old and Atlas is two. I seriously don’t know what I did with my hands before they came along. They are our world.

Pastel Carousel | Happy New Year | Blogging in 2016Pastel Carousel | Happy New Year | Blogging in 2016


Other than blogging about family, I love to blog about some of my interests. Fashion, for instance. I’m not by any means a “fashionista” or anything. I don’t stay up with the trends. But I have a love for it and I appreciate everyone’s personal style. To me, that’s fashion. Wear what you love, no matter the season or what’s in style. If you love a trend, go for it. But don’t fall out of love with it just because that particular trend is “over.” That’s my motto.

I also blog about other interests of mine, including gaming, books, and art. I’m not a hardcore gamer by any means. I blog about what I like about games, which usually ends up being how pretty the graphics are or what kinds of costumes the character can wear. Sorry, I’m a girl. (OK, not really sorry.) With books I like pretty much anything! And with art I’m always on the look-out for amazing new artists. Create something from Alice in Wonderland and I’ll probably be your fan forever!


I love Steampunk, so I’m finding new ways to add that element to my blog posts. And this year I would love to start writing blog posts about my love for Anime as well! Plus I’m actually thinking of opening up my own online dress shop. I’ve been purchasing dresses for a while now and there’s a few that I’d love to make available for others to purchase. Like this one from an outfit post that I did a few months ago:



I love you guys! I love chatting it up with each and every one of you! I’m not the kind of person who’s looking to have only three friends and a thousand followers. I don’t want “fans,” I want to get to know every one of you guys, because I feel like we’re all friends. We’re all in this blogging world together to connect with one another. To share our interests with each other and talk about them. I love that. So that’s why I have a standing rule that if you’re going to take the time to follow me and read my blog, I’ll do the same for you. And that includes Instagram and Twitter. As long as our interests are similar and you’re not posting nude pictures or anything, I’ll always follow back.


So thank you guys for following and thank you for all the likes and comments! I’m looking forward to everything that 2016 will bring!

Pastel Carousel | Happy New Year | Blogging in 2016

Let’s keep in touch!

12 thoughts on “Why, Hello There 2016! A Re-Introduction of Sorts

  1. I like your introduction/reintroduction (I’m not sure which to write) and from what I’ve read it seems like we have some things in common. I’ll definitely follow!

  2. Hi! My name is Lizzy. I am new to your part of the blog world. After reading some of your posts and seeing your unique and whimsical carefree style, it put a smile on my face. I am such a plain Jane. I really do not get into fashion as much as I would probably like to. But hey, when you have a dad and three brothers to hang out with and work on cars all the time, forget it!!! Pretty colors soon turn to grimy grease in no time flat! And, not to mention that being a rather cerebral type person (it is the engineer in me), i often time feel out of place trying to be a girly-girl. It’s the whole pizza-and-beer-while-working-on-a-car thing. But I did do the pink hair thing just last Fall. And I loved it!!!

    I look forward to seeing more of your inspirational style. Who knows… you may just get me to where a dress again.


    1. I love you already! Haha 😀 I grew up a total tomboy. I mean, I loved Rainbow Brite and Carebears, but I really never wore dresses or anything. My style started to change when I found dresses that I had never considered before and thought they were cute. My husband encouraged me to buy them and try something new. So I did and my style has been evolving ever since. I definitely felt out of place wearing dresses at first, but the more I wore them the more comfortable I got. (Wearing tights definitely helps!) I think it’s been a shock to all of my family though since I’m still a “tomboy” in their eyes. Haha! But I’m loving it 👍 I’m so glad you went pink! I love mine! And I hope you do eventually find a dress that you love. They’re so much fun to wear!

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