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On an Island In the Sun

I’m thrilled that Jeremy and I had a chance to go to the beach this year. It’s been six or seven years since we’ve been. Which is crazy to me. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. We went to South Padre Island for our vacation. Which is about a ten hour drive for us, but it was definitely worth it. Pastel Carousel - Beach Style OutfitPastel Carousel - Beach Style OutfitThis outfit wasn’t planned at all. Jeremy surprised me with some new dresses to wear on our vacation. Once again, proving to me that he has awesome taste. I think this one is my favorite. (He favors the black one he bought me.) But I really love this dress. It’s not really MEANT to be a swimsuit cover up. But I’m glad I decided to use it as that, because it was really windy. It’s adorable and lightweight. Perfect for the beach.Pastel Carousel - Beach Style OutfitPastel Carousel - Beach Style OutfitThe accessories are a result of a last minute “we need stuff for our vacation” trip to the store. And that, well that is how Jeremy and I normally shop. It’s always a “we need stuff, where can we buy all of it quickly” kind of thing. But Target does not disappoint! I love everything that I picked up. And I was surprised at how many cute things they actually had. I didn’t even need sunglasses, but I fell in love with these. And the sandals were on clearance, which is awesome.Pastel Carousel - Beach Style OutfitPastel Carousel - Beach Style OutfitI really love this outfit and I’m glad it all came together in time for our trip. We had a lot of fun. I missed the kids like crazy, but it was a great chance to get away and relax for a bit. Now hopefully it won’t be another seven years before we can do it again!

dress – Forever 21 | sunglasses – Target | sandals – Target | bag – Target
swimsuit – Hot Topic

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