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My Husband Has Good Taste


I would wear a totally pink outfit every day if I could, but SOMETIMES I let my husband buy a dress for me. That might sound strange, but I love letting him choose because he picks out things that I normally wouldn’t notice. He loves dark blue and black and I tend to only notice something if it’s, you know, pink. I love this dress though. I do think the color is great. It’s so stinking comfortable AND it’s kid-safe (no bra slip-ups while holding the kids!) So it’s perfect. Good job, husband. I think I’ll keep you around for a while longer.

And I absolutely adore these hot air balloon tights.

These pictures are actually rather old. I mean, I was still a brunette. They were taken some time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I forgot about them in the hustle and bustle of things. And yes, this was one of those freakish 75 degree weather fall/winter days in Texas.blu2blu3blu4blu5blu6

Outfit details:
Dress – Forever 21
Tights – Carousel Ink (sold out, but you can buy them in thigh highs here)
Necklace – Mab Graves


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