Monday Must Haves

Monday Must Haves: Choies is Spot On For Summer

It’s July! Wait, what? Since my last post about trying to buy a house, we finally found a house we love, held our breaths that everything wouldn’t fall through like the last house, got the house, spent a month fixing it up, and now we’re moved in. Time flies when your thoughts the past few months have been “house, eat, house, kids, house, sleep…did I mention house?” More on the whole house buying process later because it was pretty crazy!

So even though I’m still un-packing, I’ve seen some REALLY cute summer things hit the stores. And I know that now isn’t the best time for me to be shopping, but I just can’t help it. I’ve found A TON of cute things at Choies. Which is an awesome store that I bought a pink coat from this past winter and I absolutely love it. So here are some of my favorites that I just had to share with everyone.


(Choies Ice Cream Print Skater Skirt)
I love ice cream. I mean, who doesn’t? But what I really love about this skirt is how soft and delicate it is. I’ve seen a lot of ice cream print clothing, but the colors were way too bold/busy so I never usually buy it. I love this print because it’s light, fluffy, and sweet. Just like ice cream.


(Choies Rabbit Dress)
Love the bunnies! I really love this dress. Even without the bunnies it would be a very cute design for a dress. And I love the cold shoulder for summertime. Especially here in Texas. Just have to remember to wear sunscreen or I’ll end up with a very weird sunburn…again.


(Choies Multicolor Necklace)
Very cute! I would usually go for the version of this necklace that’s all pink. But I just love how they alternated the colors in this one.


(Choies Rainbow Dress)
I can’t get over how sweet this dress is! The rainbow and floral print together is so quirky. Just amazing.


(Choies Multicolor Sandals)
I hate it when you buy a dress that’s DIFFERENT and then you have to search high and low for shoes that go with it. Most of the time I come up empty handed and then that awesome dress just sits in my closet. So if you like the dress in the last picture. Here ya go! Rainbow Brite, eat your heart out.


(Choies White Crane Skirt)
What a completely GORGEOUS skirt! I’m just crazy over this. The print is darling and the colors are perfect. I love the little bits of pink everywhere. Even the crane’s beaks are pink.


(Choies Pink Daisy Kimono)
The husband and I are trying to take a vacation to the beach this summer. I hope it works out because we haven’t been to the beach since WAY before the kids were born. But I would absolutely LOVE to be able to take this kimono with me. It looks like the perfect thing to wear while hanging out in the sand. Pink daisies. Perfect.


(Choies Blue Romper Playsuit)
This is another thing that would be fun to wear to the beach! I’ll admit that it took me a while to get on board with playsuits. I mean, they’re pretty much onesies for adults. But I’ve definitely warmed up to them. Maybe they’re an acquired taste. But I really love that this playsuit looks so feminine and delicate. I would wear it proudly.


(Choies Pink Feather Pendant Necklace)
Love the color and style of this necklace. It would go great with the pink daisy kimono above.


(Pink Stripe Polka Dot Heels)
There are definitely certain things that get my attention when I’m shopping. Polka dots? Yes. Stripes? Yep. Pink? Of course! Scallop design? That’s just the cherry on top! I’m crazy about these cute shoes.


(Choies Flamingo Dress)
One word: flamingos. That is all.


(Choies Doughnut Headset Top)
I’m so bummed that I didn’t have this top for National Doughnut Day! It would’ve been perfect. I’d wear it any day though. So perfectly sweet.


(Choies Watermelon Bag)
If you’ve visited my blog before, then you know what a true sucker I am for novelty bags. I just can’t help myself. I LOVE this one! But it’s definitely one that my daughter would sneak away from me. Her love for watermelons is something she reminds me about every single summer. “I love watermelons. Did you know that, mommy? Did you know that?” Nope. I had absolutely no idea.


(Choies Pink Mustache Top)
I never paid much attention to mustache items until Atlas’ first birthday last year. I always called him “little man” when I was pregnant with him. So when I saw birthday decorations that said “little man” everywhere, well, it was a no-brainer. But it was also covered in mustaches. Not a big deal at the time. It’s not like I hated the mustache design or anything. Now I think mustaches are awesome and they’ll probably always remind me of my Little Man. Almost time for his 2nd Birthday!


(Choies Skeleton Print Swimsuit)
Saving the best for last, right? This swimsuit definitely made me do a double-take. I had to include it. I’m a fan of anything unique and this is definitely unique. It’s guaranteed to get some stares at the pool or beach and possibly some “it’s inappropriate to wear your insides on the outside” comments. But who cares! I love it.


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