Monday Must Haves

Monday Must Haves: Spring Into Some Cute Dresses

Don’t get me wrong…I love winter! I love Christmas and I love the snow. In fact, we just got three or four awesome days of snow. Which I know is very rare here in Texas, so I appreciated it as much as I could. But I think I’m ready for spring to make its arrival. Especially since our clocks just sprang forward this past weekend. It’s definitely time for some warmer weather, pretty flowers, and cute spring dresses!


(via: Asos)
Like this adorable dress! I love the butterfly embroidery. And I love how it’s not crowded with floral print plus butterflies. It makes the butterflies really stand out and look like they just landed on the cute dress.


(via: ModCloth)
LOVE the colors in this dress! And I love how the colors flow into one another. Reminds me of a watercolor painting.


(via: Asos)
When I was ten I had a purple dress that I loved so stinking much. It was a floral print dress with SHOULDER PADS. Yes, shoulder pads. I loved it. This dress really reminds me of it. So therefore, I love it as well. No shoulder pads though. Darn it.


(via: Unique Vintage)
Such a cute dress. I love bicycles and this dress is just plain covered in them. And I love that they’re all different colors. Nothing says spring more than a bike ride for fun.


(via: Boohoo)
This dress doesn’t have floral print. But it does have a floral lace panel which I think is adorable. So it still has that springtime feel without being totally obvious.


(via: Asos)
This one looks pink to me, but it says it’s a lilac dress. So I don’t know. But the color is gorgeous and the flowers are gorgeous. It looks like it would make a cute and comfortable Easter dress.


(via: ModCloth)
Did I mention that I like bicycles? Here’s another cute bicycle print. What I like the best about this dress is that there are flowers in the basket of each bicycle! Love it!


(via: Unique Vintage)
Ever have a dress that you just stare at because the colors are so beautiful and mesmerizing? Yeah, this dress would definitely be THAT dress for me. And I really love the collar. So cute.


(via: Asos)
I love the pop of pink flowers in this dress and the multi strap gives it a very unique look. It’s just so gorgeous.


(via: Sugarhill Boutique)
I am and will forever be a sucker for novelty print. So in this post (in addition to butterflies and bicycles) I bring you birds. Because birds are a big part of springtime and I love this dress.


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