Monday Must Haves

Monday Must Haves: Novelty Bags Ahoy!

It’s that time again! I know I’ve posted my favorite novelty bags before, but there’s a LOT of cute ones that I’ve found recently, so I had to share. It was very hard to narrow it down to just the ones that I’ve listed. And there were quite a few others that I wanted to include, but they were sold out. And I really try not to include things that are sold out. I’ve noticed that the cutest novelty bags tend to sell out very fast. Which sucks, but at least it means I’m not alone in my love for them!


(via: Neiman Marcus)
I will forever love hot air balloons, so yes, this bag is killing me. I love how it’s actually round and not flat on the back. And I do love the color, but my daughter has this idea that “pink is yours mommy, red is mine” so I’m not sure if I would be breaking her little 4-year-old heart. Very cute, though.


(via: Pinup Girl Clothing)
Boba Fett! For all the Star Wars girls out there. Unfortunately it’s only a coin purse…and they DO have a Darth Vader clutch, but it’s sold out right now. Hopefully it’ll come back in stock soon because taking a Boba Fett coin purse out of a Darth Vader clutch would be kind of awesome.


(via: ModCloth)
Finally! A cupcake purse! I definitely want this!


(via: Kate Spade)
I like to joke that if Shade had been born on her due date instead of being premature, she would have been a calm hare instead of a feisty tiger. But this is the year of the sheep and I love this Chinese New Year clutch. I would definitely buy it if I or either of my kids had been born in the year of the sheep. Love the idea.


(via: Betsey Johnson)
So cute! Perfect colors AND it’s a fully functioning alarm clock! I told my husband about this and he replied, “oh good. So you can take a nap ANYWHERE!” Exactly, Jeremy. Exactly.


(via: Pinup Girl Clothing)
I love this adorable purse. It’s blue and metallic pink and just PERFECT. But…one small complaint. I really think it should’ve had two straws instead of just one. That definitely would have made for some cute couple-y Valentine’s Day pictures. I’m being picky! I know!


(via: Shop Jeen)
A pink swirl lollipop purse with a big pink bow and a pink strap? That’s what I like to call a no-brainer


(via: Kate Spade)
Just in time for Spring! A watering can clutch! I love the scallop detail on top. That shade of green is not my favorite, but it definitely reminds me of a vintage style watering can, so it works. It would be fun to see people’s reaction to carrying this cutie to the bookstore or to the movies. What an awesome clutch.


(via: ThinkGeek)
This little guy just makes me happy. Which is great since their tag line for the purse is “shouldn’t your purse make you happy?” Why yes. Yes it should.


(via: Asos)
I know I’ve posted an ice cream cone purse before, but I really love the style of this one. It has a very vintage feel to it. Plus the colors are just gorgeous.


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