Monday Must Haves

Monday Must Haves: Oh Those Crazy Awesome Etsy Finds

The amount of amazing things you can find on Etsy is just incredible. A lot of the time I go searching for one thing, just to get caught in a vortex with a hundred things bookmarked. But they’re all amazing things! And I love giving attention to small businesses rather than always showing products from those big businesses. Yes, the big stores have awesome things too. But these small stores need love. And a lot of them are SO creative that it’s a shame when they get overlooked. So here’s some of the recent things I found while swimming around in my vortex of fun.


(via: Fairy Home)
This globe is so gorgeous! It’s painted pastel pink with hundreds of pearls and rhinestones. I can’t even imagine how much time this took.


(via: Suzanne’s Pottery Farm)
So many times I’ve come across fairy houses that are really cute, but the little doors are sealed shut. If you DO believe in fairies, wouldn’t you want one where the fairies could actually go inside and live there? Just a thought. Love these.


(via: Connie & Allie)
Such a great idea! Love them all!


(via: WildTeddy)
These crocheted ice cream cones are so cute. And I love the idea of having them in the kitchen. One awesome thing about homemade Etsy items is a lot of the time the seller will let the customer pick their own colors. I think that would be a sweet way of making this garland your very own.


(via: Sunshine & Vodka)
So I’m PROBABLY done having babies. But I still love this. I’m pretty sure I would buy it just for me. I picked these out as my favorite, but really all of the mobiles at Sunshine & Vodka are just lovely.


(via: Twitch Vintage)
So cute! I’m a sucker for mixed patterns. And it’s so crazy that dresses from the 90’s are considered vintage now.


(via: ILIUI)
This is so cool! They’re actually desk lamps. They make the lamps from recycled tomato (or other vegetable) metal cans and mount the lamps to a wooden base. Such a creative idea.


(via: Huckleberry Vintage)
I love that more and more people are understanding the importance of an awesome frame. It’s not just about the picture itself. And Etsy is a great source for some sweet frames if you’re not a DIY kind of person. Which I’m not. I don’t have time for that, unfortunately. So thank you Etsy and thank you to all the people who DO have the time to make such amazing things and sell them.


(via: hjyggj)
Let it be known, far and wide, that I have been searching EVERYWHERE for some pastel leggings this fall. And I have come up empty handed every single time. Until I stumbled upon these. They are amazing AND they come in pink! Perfect.


(via: ViolaWildeCreations)
I know! I always save the best for last! I actually didn’t bookmark this for some reason. So I had to go back and find it again. Did you know there’s 38 pages for “crochet button necklace”? Is this a new trend that I’m not aware of? If it is, I’m kind of digging it. It’s just crazy awesome enough to work.


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