Monday Must Haves

Monday Must Haves: 13 Things For Your Everyday Halloween

So here we are on the 13th of October and I just so happen to have 13 favorite things this week. OK, I MIGHT have cut one item. (Here’s the 14th item, if you’re curious.) I love shopping for my kids for Halloween, but I’m not really into buying a costume for myself. I’ve seen a lot of costumes that I would LOVE to wear. But when it comes down to it, I can never follow through with buying one. I really think it’s because they cost so much money (the good ones, anyway). If I’m going to spend that, I’d much rather buy something I’m going to wear again and again. Not just once a year. Or…one time every year if I decided to be the same thing every year. But here’s some of my favorite things that you can wear for Halloween AND after Halloween.


(via Urban Outfitters)
Except this. You probably couldn’t get away with wearing this on a regular day. Unless you’re just into that sort of thing. I love it though so maybe I would be into that sort of thing. Lisa Frank! I miss the days of buying everything Lisa Frank.


(via Urban Outfitters)
And one for my husband! I think I’ll just put this in his bed to surprise him when he wakes up. He won’t mind.


(via Unique Vintage)
I really love this dress. Probably because I love Batman. But I also love the 1950’s style of the dress. Very cute.


(via ASOS)
Love these bat tights to go with the bat dress!


(via Nerdy Little Secrets)
And I need a pretty bat necklace for that one pop of color.


(via ROMWE)
How creepy and awesome is this skirt? The answer is very.


(via Asphyxia Designs)
Love these skeleton clips. I want one in every color.


(via ASOS)
These tights with ghost print are so cute! And I LOVE that it glows in the dark!


(via ASOS)
I really can’t get over how awesome this dress is. I think I was eight or nine years old when I first saw a cat arch its back like this. I was at my friend’s house and we accidently scared her cat. I couldn’t stop laughing. The cat was OK, I promise! But yes, I love cats. And I love this dress.


(via I Love Crafty)
I ALSO love this necklace! It would be awesome to wear this with the above dress. You can get this necklace in white too. So cute.


(via SheInside)
So I really kind of hate spiders and I don’t know if I could bring myself to wear this sweater. But I love the color and my daughter seems to be pretty fascinated with spiders lately, so I’m sharing it. But I dislike them because I had a CRAZY thing happen to me when I was a kid. A spider crawled into my ear. No, I’m not joking. I ran by a telephone pole while I was playing outside and I felt something jump onto my face and crawl into my ear. Very traumatic experience! Ever since then I won’t go near them. Even the small ones terrify me.


(via ASOS)
On a lighter note…yay Minnie Mouse ears! Pink leopard print! Yes please!


(via Not On The High Street)
Unfortunately, this one is more of a wish than something I can actually purchase since they only deliver to the UK. But I still love it. A pink candy skull cocktail mug. They have a few different colors and they’re inspired by sugar skulls. So awesome.


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