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Why Two Kids and Many Buttons Do Not Mix


I’ve never been the girl who wears a lot of accessories. I tend to prefer quality over quantity. And I have a few items that I LOVE to wear, but even wearing small amounts of jewelry changed when I had Shade. I stopped wearing them all together (except for my wedding rings) because I realized how easily they can break with just a tug from a small hand. I’m slowly getting back into wearing them, but it’s hard when I’ve gotten used to being very simple in my outfit decisions. I usually just pick a dress with shoes and I forget to complete the look. Atlas is only a year old though. So I still have to be careful.

I love this dress because of the vintage style print. It reminds me of something…vintage wallpaper maybe? I’m not quite sure. But yes I’m totally OK with wearing something that looks like vintage wallpaper. I think it’s gorgeous. And I love how well it works with these shoes. The blue and tan with bits of gold match perfectly. But to be totally honest, what I DON’T love about this dress is how easily the buttons pop open. Not a good thing to wear when I have kids pulling at me and climbing on me. It makes for a very awkward situation of trying to subtly button myself back up after one of the kids leaves my lap. But, you live, you learn, and you only wear the awesome dress on spouse dates from now on.

Outfit Details:
Dress – Rampage
Shoes – Seychelles


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