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When I first decided to start a blog, I had a hard time choosing between being a mommy blogger who sometimes writes about fashion or a fashion blogger who sometimes writes about being a mommy. Being a mom is a huge part of who I am, but fashion is a fun hobby that’s become a source of stress relief. I decided that I shouldn’t choose. Both things are important to me for different reasons. So I’m doing my best to mesh both of my loves together. It can certainly be difficult. This is my first real outfit post and yes it was incredibly hard to take photos while also making sure that the kids didn’t run away or decide to go for a swim. It took awhile. Photos taken by my awesome husband and neither kiddo scraped a knee or lost an appendage. So, success! But future photos will probably be taken at home from now on.

I really do love this dress. I haven’t owned it for very long, but it quickly became one of my go-to dresses this past summer. It’s one of those dresses that even though it doesn’t look like much, I feel GREAT when I wear it. And I never have to worry about things slipping out of place, even when one of the kids is tugging at me.

The sandals are probably my favorite part of this outfit though. I actually hesitated to order these. (They were on my Monday Must Haves — End of Summer Wishlist.) But I’m so glad I did! They’re much cuter in person than I thought they would be. They do squeeze my toes a little, but I’m used to that since I have pretty wide feet. Sill love them.


Outfit details:
Sunglasses – Target
Necklace – Forever 21
Dress – Vintage
Shoes – Seychelles
Purse – Vintage


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