Monday Must Haves

Monday Must Haves: Hello Autumn

It’s getting harder and harder to find dresses and accessories that I love. I know my favorite colors are usually not very easy to find during Fall/Winter, but I was hoping they wouldn’t completely disappear. It’s not that I hate red, brown, gray, etc. I’m just partial to dressing in the colors that make me feel happy. Even if those colors are not a part of the current trend. Sometimes when I’m picking out an outfit, I think to myself “that’s more of a Spring dress” and then I remind myself…why do I care so much? I am who I am and I will wear the clothes that make me happy. Even if it makes other people think I forgot what season we’re currently in. I guess that’s not very fashionable. But oh well. Maybe the new trend is ignoring the current trends. No? Too soon for that kind of anarchy? I’m still keeping an eye out and will definitely post all the cute things that I find.


(via Forever 21)
I did find this cute little dress. It bears some resemblance to a ballerina tutu and I think the sequined top is an interesting twist.


(via ASOS)
Very pretty bracelet! I love how it’s made to look like a wrist tattoo.


(via ModCloth)
My favorite hat of the moment. It’s so simple and cute. I wish it came in soft pink, of course. But I’ll take this style in any color and on any day.


(via Forever 21)
I’m always surprised by the things I find under Beauty in the New Arrivals section of the F21 website. They have the most adorable accessories and they’re all at a reasonable price. Including this sweet kitty cat lip balm.


(via Oasap)
I haven’t really found a decent heavy coat to wear this winter, but I love this one from Oasap. The little bows on the pockets and the scalloped design are the best. All of my favorite things.


(via Oasap)
I also love this one. The collar doesn’t come up as far on the neck, which is kind of a bummer. But it has a similar design and a very pretty color.


(via ModCloth)
Hello there, sweet little Bambi bag. The mushroom and daisies make you even more adorable. If that were possible.


(via ASOS)
OK. I’ll admit that I don’t really need a cardigan. I have a few. But I just love how slouchy this one is. Almost like a wearable blanket, but not as ridiculous as a snuggie. It’s perfect for those days when you just want to cuddle up with yourself and drink some hot chocolate.


(via ASOS)
This twenties style headband is completely adorable. It’d be perfect for Halloween. Or a Tuesday.


(via WildFox)
WildFox always has very cute clothes. I love this one that really conveys how everyone feels about the weekend…unless you work retail. In which case I feel for you because I’ve definitely been there. But now as a stay at home mom, the weekends are pretty much like YES! SOMEONE ELSE CAN CHANGE THE DIAPER!

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