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Pastel Carousel | Smite | Video Game Review

I’ll be honest with you guys, I’ve been addicted to Smite since it came out on the Xbox One. As soon as I realized that I could get that rush of PVP without building a character all MMO-style, I couldn’t get enough of this game. But I can’t just PVP for the sake of PVPing. I have to be working towards a goal. Like I remember being SO THRILLED when I fully armored up my gnome warlock with PVP gear in WoW. And Smite provides that satisfaction as well, but in a different way.

There are currently 71 gods to choose from to be your character in Smite. Which is crazy. Some are well-known and others are not so well-known. But they all have a “Lore” area which I love to read because it gives a brief description on who the god is. Each time you play with a god you gain “worshipers” and the more worshipers you have, the greater your rank. Rank in this game is just a fancy way of saying experience. You don’t get anything new when you rank up. It just lets other people know how skilled you are with that character.

 CLASSES – Each god falls under a different class. Either Guardian, Warrior, Mage, Hunter, or Assassin. The only downside to all of this is that if you have a favorite god, they might not be your favorite class. For instance, if you love Athena, but you hate being a Guardian. Well, then it’s probably time to either switch to a new character or learn how to play a Guardian effectively! Otherwise you’ll be miserable and so will your team.

ABILITIES – Each character is given a basic attack and four abilities. And that’s it. It’s not like WoW where you have a million abilities you should be using. Seems simple enough, but you still have to learn all the ins and outs of your god and what works best for different situations. It’s a fun challenge.

ITEMS – You can build each god to suit your play style with movement speed, attack speed, crit, etc. If you feel like your character is too squishy you can build them with more defense. I love that I have control over all of this. Sometimes I’ll build a god with more defense until I get the hang of that god and then I’ll switch to a more hard-hitting build. It’s just a lot of fun to experiment with different builds!

There are 5 different types of game modes in Smite. Arena, Conquest, Siege, Joust, and Assault. My favorite by far is Arena. I’ll sometimes play the other game modes, but I have the most fun playing Arena. The objective of Arena is to be the team with points still on the board. You lose points by dying and by letting minions through your portal.

Arena Game Mode (all snowy and decorated for the holidays!)

Your portal! Don’t let any minions through here.
ssmite2(One team will have a blue portal and the other team will have an orange portal.)

There’s two forms of currency in Smite. Favor and gems. You get favor pretty much every time you play a round. You also get favor by just logging in every day. Gems on the other hand are much harder to come by. Usually you get them by logging into the game for seven consecutive days in a row.

And THIS my friends, this is the bread and butter of the game for me. You don’t get armor in Smite. You get skins. Skins are basically a different outfit/style for your character. You can use the gems (and sometimes favor) that you’ve collected to purchase skins for your god. And yes that gives me plenty of things to work towards. Here are some of my favorite skins:



Freya (two skins because I love them both)


Steampunk Serqet








Hou Yi

And there’s still SO MANY MORE that I want to own!

Overall I’ve ranked up 26 gods to at least rank one. I haven’t enjoyed playing all of them though. Like Tyr! I just can’t get the hang of that guy. So if you have a rank 10 Tyr, GREAT JOB, your brain works so differently from mine! But I tend to lean toward the mages, especially the healers.

Aphrodite and Chang’e are definitely favorites of mine. I like to play support, but it can get old after a while. Hel on the other hand…I love her. I’m trying to get to rank 10 with her. It’s amazing how she can heal, do damage, minions, and pretty much carry the whole team. She’s ruining other gods for me, simply put.

Chronos! I have to talk about him specifically because I love the whole clockwork thing he has going on. He’s such a challenge to play, but there’s so much satisfaction when you play him well.

But as of yesterday my favorite character to play is Scylla. I just opened a Christmas chest and got this AMAZING skin that I’m so in love with. Look at her cute dress! I love it.

ssmite13ssmite11So my addiction to this game will probably continue as long as they keep coming out with new gods and new skins. It’s just such an amazing game for being free to play. I recommend it to anyone who loves PVP as much as I do!Pastel Carousel | Smite | Video Game ReviewWhat about you guys? Are you playing this game? Who’s your favorite god?

You can visit the official website for Smite by clicking here!

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  1. I’m mainly a Nintendo gamer, and I’ve been playing some Sony games through my Vita. The XBox is all unknown territory for me, but this one does look very good!

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