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Let’s talk about BABY NAMES!

Pastel Carousel | Family | Motherhood | Parenting | Baby Names | Shade and AtlasBefore you ask – no, Jeremy and I are not expecting another little one. We are 100% sure that we’re done. Well, Jeremy is 100% sure. I’m more like 99% sure…except on those nights that I’m awake most of the night trying to get my two year old to stay in his bed – THEN I’m 100% sure.

I’ve always loved names. Growing up I had so much fun naming all of my baby dolls. I couldn’t wait to become a mom and name my children. I spent a lot of my childhood dreaming of baby names AND I was the crazy teenager who would look at baby names as a hobby. Yes, just for fun. But when Jeremy and I became expecting parents, I lost all my nerve. Suddenly all of the names I had fallen in love with over the years seemed so…not good enough. Naming a baby is tough. Much tougher than I thought it would ever be. Not only do you have to find a name that you’re cool with using over and over, all day, and forever. But you feel pressure to find one that your family loves too. And one that society deems as “acceptable” and if you’re really lucky “awesome.”

We actually chose to keep both of our kid’s names a secret until they were born. It took us a while to come up with their names, but once we decided on them it was SO hard to not share it with friends and family. But their names were so unique that we felt it would be better if there was a face attached to the name when they heard it for the first time.

We also chose not to name our kids after anyone in particular. We would’ve LOVED to name our kids after the people that we love…but how could we choose? We have so many family members that we love and look up to that it would’ve been way too hard to only pick one or two. And then we really didn’t want anyone to have hurt feelings on not being chosen.


Pastel Carousel | Family | Motherhood | Parenting | Baby Names | Shade and AtlasSHADE – As crazy as it sounds, Shade was a name that Jeremy came up with while creating a character for the video game Dragon Age. I thought it was an interesting choice and I suggested it for a future baby name. He said he liked it, but then when we found out we were expecting a girl, I almost chickened out. I was worried about what friends and family would think. And I was worried that she would be made fun of in school. Jeremy wasn’t worried about any of this. I basically had to push myself to get over the worry. I’m now fiercely protective of this name. She is Shade through and through. And I love that she will probably never share a first name with someone else in her school.Pastel Carousel | Family | Motherhood | Parenting | Baby Names | Shade and AtlasWhat’s funny is that when she turned four, her favorite thing in the world was The Octonauts. And I just so happened to find a book called “The Octonauts and the Sea of Shade.” It’s all about how The Octonauts have to travel to the Sea of Shade to talk to the Shade King about letting the shadows come back. Everyone misses their shade and their shadows. I thought, YES! THIS BOOK IS AWESOME! And Shade is tickled pink every time we read it. She loves it.Pastel Carousel | Family | Motherhood | Parenting | Baby Names | Shade and AtlasEISLEY – This is a middle name that I chose because I LOVE how Shade and Eisley flow together. Eisley is actually from Star Wars. It comes from Mos Eisley which is a spaceport on Tatooine. I know, Jeremy and I are true nerds.Pastel Carousel | Family | Motherhood | Parenting | Baby Names | Shade and AtlasKATE – This I added to her name because both Shade and Eisley are such unusual names that the worrywart in me wanted her to have a “normal” name to fall back on. But I absolutely love the name Kate. I can’t imagine her name without it. And I was up in the middle of the night feeding newborn Shade while watching Kate Middleton marry Prince William. So I thought that was pretty cool.Pastel Carousel | Family | Motherhood | Parenting | Baby Names | Shade and Atlas


Pastel Carousel | Family | Motherhood | Parenting | Baby Names | Shade and AtlasATLAS – Oh, Atlas. Your name was supposed to be Seth, Silas, Toby, Ridley, and countless other names I came up with while growing up. But I’m glad I didn’t go with any of those. When we found out we were expecting a boy, I realized that none of those names fit him at all, but I was having a hard time coming up with a first name that matched Shade. I suggested Atlas to Jeremy as a middle name one night and he said he actually liked it better as a first name. Which made me wonder why I didn’t think of that.

I suggested Atlas because Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand is Jeremy’s favorite book and it’s one that he shared with me while we were dating. (If you’ve seen the size of this book then you’ll understand my jaw dropping astonishment that he was letting me BORROW this book to read. I figured he must want to keep me around for a while.) The myth of “Atlas” is used as a metaphor throughout the whole book.

However, there is one downside to naming your kid Atlas if he has an older brother/sister. Shade called him “ass” for the first year of his life because she couldn’t pronounce Atlas yet. Oops!Pastel Carousel | Family | Motherhood | Parenting | Baby Names | Shade and AtlasARKHAM – Of course there is the Batman association! I loved this name ever since I first heard it. I love Harley Quinn and the fact that she was treating Joker at the Arkham Asylum when she fell in love with him. But what sealed the deal was that the name Arkham was actually created by H. P. Lovecraft. Another of my husband’s favorite authors. It’s a fictional town in Massachusetts where Lovecraft set a lot of his horror stories. I loved the way that it worked out because Eisley is a fictional place and so is Arkham.Pastel Carousel | Family | Motherhood | Parenting | Baby Names | Shade and AtlasLOGAN – And of course I wanted a third name for Atlas as well. One that was strong enough to stand as a first name if he ever wanted to use it as such. I toyed with all of those potential first names that I turned down. And I fiddled with a few other one syllable names to match Kate, but nothing else felt like Logan. I thought that even if my kids absolutely hated their first names, Kate and Logan would make me just as happy as Shade and Atlas. And then there’s Wolverine whose real name is Logan! So, yep, it was a winner.Pastel Carousel | Family | Motherhood | Parenting | Baby Names | Shade and AtlasAs a mom, I am still worried about bullies in school and how the kids will deal with being picked on for their names. Jeremy always reassures me that even if they’re not picked on for their names then they’ll be picked on for something else. I still worry, but I hope I can equip them with what they need to deal with issues like that.
Pastel Carousel | Family | Motherhood | Parenting | Baby Names | Shade and AtlasIn the end, none of that really matters. Their names suit them. I have no doubt in my mind that they were meant to be Shade Eisley Kate and Atlas Arkham Logan. And I know they’ll probably have a time when they’ll hate their names. I think most people go through that at some point. I just hope that they eventually grow to love their names as much as Jeremy and I do.

So if you have little ones, how did you come up with their names? I’d love to hear your baby name story! And if you don’t have little ones yet, do you have favorite names already picked out? Or does baby naming even cross your mind?

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13 thoughts on “Let’s talk about BABY NAMES!

  1. Ah it’s great to find someone as name obsessed as I am! I thought I was just a bit odd, ha!! I think you’ve chosen really strong names, and I love that you gave them both a ‘normal’ name but one that works so perfectly with their other two. Great post! šŸ™‚

  2. I love names! And I like the story of how you came up with your kids’ names. When I was pregnant we decided to not find out the sex of the baby, so we got to pick out both a boy and girl name. I’d always loved the name Joanna for a girl because I like the shortened versions like Jojo and Joey, and then for a boy I just always loved the sound of Nathan, plus in the Bible he was a bad ass prophet who put King David in his place. The cool thing is that both these names mean ‘God is gracious’, even though I didn’t realize that when I first started liking them. Though I didn’t know if the baby I was carrying with Joanna or Nathan I knew that ‘God was gracious.’ And then out came Nathan! His middle name is Goddard which is my maiden name. I’ve always loved my name, and was sad to give it up when I got married so I was very happy that my husband agreed to go with it as a middle name. šŸ™‚

    1. Ooh I love those names! And that’s awesome that they both ended up having the same meaning! I did struggle a bit with not using my maiden name as one of Atlas’ middle names. Sadly my maiden name ends with my sister and I (no brothers) but the name just didn’t flow very well. But I’m glad you used yours because Nathan Goddard is an awesome name! šŸ’•

      1. My boyfriend also really enjoyed this! I had to read him your post because he has similar favorite authors and video games and he got a kick out of it!:)

  3. I completely love this, and I love that you’ve been so honest about your worries about the future. But Shade and Atlas are such incredible names and I love the stories behind them both, as well as their middle names. I’d be surprised if having such great names doesn’t help them in the future rather than hinder them. They’re memorable, they’ll help them feel unique and I think that’s empowering! šŸ™‚

    I’d love to name my kids (should I ever be lucky enough to have any) unusual names along the same lines – I like names that are a bit nerdy (me and my partner are mega-nerdy) but also familiar as words that you might not normally think of as names. Like you, I too am obsessed with thinking of baby names and have been for years! And I’ve already made the mistake of telling people names I love because they often have a comeback that puts me off – that’s why I think I’ll keep them secret like you did so that no one can try to change my mind.

    Thanks so much for sharing, this was brilliant! šŸ™‚ xx

    1. Your comment just made my day. Thank you so much! I really do hope that their names help them in life and make them feel unique. I’m just a big worrier about it all. Haha! And I hope you do choose unusual names! I get super excited when I come across unique names on kids. It’s inspiring šŸ˜€ And it was SO hard to keep it a secret. Be prepared for your family to either be hurt by the secrecy or constantly trying to guess the name. But it definitely worked for us! šŸ’—

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