Monday Must Haves

Monday Must Haves: Weak in the Knees Vintage Finds

I love dresses. Plain and simple. I love all the different styles, patterns, and ways to wear them. But no matter what, I always come back to vintage as my ideal dress. I know buying vintage anything is a pretty big trend right now, but it’s a trend that I’ll happily climb on board with. There’s just something about a dress that’s 40 or 50 years old that makes it feel so special. Especially when you stop to think about all the women who have owned and hopefully cared for the dress before you. I mean, if the dress lasted this long then it must have been in the hands of someone who loved and appreciated it, right? Or maybe in the closet of someone who was too afraid to wear it. Which I can totally understand because I have kids and accidents happen. But dresses are meant to be WORN…and taken care of, but also WORN.

Anyway, it’s no secret that pastel colors were big in the 80’s, so it’s not that hard to find pastel dresses from that decade. But I always find it fun to search for some pastel beauties from earlier times. It can be challenging, but here are a few that caught my eye. Including a Betty Draper dress which isn’t pastel, but you know, it’s Betty Draper!

1950’s Blush Wedding Dress
I think I would have to wear this one every day. It’s too amazing. Everyone would just have to deal with giving me extra space while I’m in line for coffee.


1950’s Garden Tea Party Dress
The ruffles and tulle on this one are just so lovely. And the color! Perfect.


1960’s Metallic Maxi Dress
Oh 60’s, how awesome you must have been. The metallic sheen does slightly remind me of fish scales. But it’s still awesome. Maybe even for that reason.


1950’s Cupcake Party Dress
Such beautiful lace. And a scalloped lace design at the top? Yes, please!


1960’s Pink Paisley Dress
This looks like a dress straight out of an Elvis movie. Gorgeous print. Gorgeous color. Gorgeous dress.


1960’s Ombre Party Dress
The ruffle detail on this one is just adorable.


1950’s Pink Lace Dress
If I were to envision the perfect vintage pink dress it would be this one. Complete with a peter pan collar and little bows on the cuffs.


1950’s Mint Lace Party Dress
This dress is so perfect. I can’t even… If I owned it I’d probably just lie around in the grass all day, too.


1960’s Shift Dress
I love the stripes! The pockets are amazing too. Pockets should be on every dress really.


1950’s Frederick’s of Spring Lake dress
Hello, Betty Draper. The shop is on vacation right now which is a bummer, but this dress is too perfect. Now you, too, can dress like the woman you hate to love. Or is it love to hate?


1950’s Beaded Clutch
Last, but not least. I know it’s not a dress, but it was begging to be included. The multicolor beads on it are so sweet and the twisted metal handle is just adorable. Absolutely love it!

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