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Atlas’ 1st Birthday Party

My little man, Atlas, turned one on July 16th. I can’t believe he’s already a year old. I have definite mixed emotions about this and really every birthday that the kids have. I’m happy because they’re “growing like they should” as my husband puts it. But I’m sad because…they’re growing like they should and I just want to say NO. YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED. STOP IT. But that would just be crazy. Maybe.

My daughter Shade had terrible bouts of colic as a newborn and after that went away she refused to sleep anywhere but in the living room. So her first birthday was like Yes! High five! We made it! Because we did. Her turning one didn’t magically solve anything, but it felt like a huge accomplishment, a sigh of relief, and a hope that things would start getting just a little easier. And they did. She’s still challenging, but now it’s in a 3 year old kind of way where she actually listens to REASON. Mostly. Atlas, on the other hand, didn’t have colic and is a lot more laid back, so this past year has really flown.

And I know that there are fun times ahead. Atlas’ little personality is showing itself more and more every day. He’s starting to form opinions and usually none of us are ready when they show up. Shade especially, I think. Now Atlas is right there demanding that Shade share instead of me telling her to do so. And walking, oh man. He’s started walking and every time Shade sees him walking she gracefully pushes him over. So maybe I’m not the only one thinking “stop growing up!”

But it really was a great birthday and I’m looking forward to all the one’s to come. No matter how bittersweet they may be.

I was completely indecisive on what theme to use for Atlas’ birthday party. So I ended up combining two themes and A Very Dapper Circus was born! All decorations and party favors can be found HERE and HERE.


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