Family Life

Atlas, I’m Sorry, But You Can’t Turn Two

Dear Atlas Arkham Logan,

You just turned two, and to be completely honest, I’m not sure I’m OK with that.
Because I love the baby you’ve been.birthday7

I love how you like to wear anything on your head as a hat.


And how much you love sunglasses.


And glasses.
(Oh hey there Harry Potter.)


And superheroes.


I love how you’ll pull any face to make people laugh. (You’re making faces at me as I type this.)


(Yep. Blue icing FOR DAYS!)


I love how you can be a rough little boy one minute. And be a caring “daddy” the next.


And I love how you constantly photobomb my pictures.


But what I don’t love…and bear with me now…is your new attitude. Your two year old attitude. And I know it’s expected. I’m pretty sure Shade was born with that attitude. She even had an opinion on WHERE I breastfed her. But you’re supposed to be my easy going little one. You’re supposed to go to bed without a fight. You’re supposed to eat without complaining. You’re supposed to be laid back and un-caring. Because that’s what you’ve always been, until now.birthday23A few months before you turned two, you decided that you DO have an opinion. And by gosh if people weren’t going to let you put the lid on your own bottle, someone was going to pay! You don’t like sitting in your car seat for too long. And you REALLY don’t like it when mommy or daddy tells you no. You’ve become very vocal on your likes and dislikes. Which is funny since you still refuse to talk. Crying and pointing is your only method of communication, but sometimes I hear a “mama” thrown in.

Yeah, life with you has been a little rough lately.


But I’m proud of you.

birthday18I’m proud of your love for silly hats and superheroes. I’m proud of how much you love making others laugh. But most of all, I’m proud of your new opinionated person. Even though you won’t always get what you want or feel you should deserve, I’m proud of how hard you fight. That you’re not a pushover. And I know I won’t have to worry about you in life, because you have a brain and you know how to use it. But hopefully later on in life you’ll have that whole talking thing down. It’s kind of important. So I guess it’s OK with me if you want to turn two. Just this once.

I love you, little man. With all of my heart.



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