Monday Must Haves

Monday Must Haves: Random Bits of Cute

So I didn’t have a lot of time this week to really shop around for cute things. Atlas got his 15 month round of shots and he hasn’t been feeling very well. What’s funny is that Shade broke down crying while we were leaving the doctor’s office because she was upset that SHE didn’t get shots too. Crazy kid. But here’s a few of my favorite things that I did find. Hope everyone has an awesome Monday!


(via ModCloth)
Probably my favorite thing this week. So in love with this dress. I mean, the balloons have cute little faces on them. How could you not love it? And on top of that, how could you ever be angry with someone who’s wearing a dress like this? I’m pretty sure it’s an angry person’s kryptonite.


(via Choies)
Love these round sunglasses from Choies. The color and the little swirl design are so cute.


(via Choies)
So it says they’re “ice cream print” but they look more like cupcakes to me. Either way, they’re awesome.


(via Forever 21)
This is, officially, the cutest little jewelry dish. And I really do need a jewelry dish for my wedding rings. I’m always so paranoid about them getting lost.


(via Urban Outfitters)
Oh, Lazy Oaf. You always come out with the most awesome things. This crop top is SO 80’s and it reminds me of all the clothes from my childhood that I thought I would grow up to wear. But you know, trends change and hearts are broken. I think my husband would make fun of me for wearing this one though since he sort of hates everything about the 80’s. That’s OK though. I can take it.


(via Forever 21)
I have a purple comb that I’ve been using for a long time now. But this one is VERY cute with the mint color and polka dots. So it would be an awesome replacement comb or just another one to have. (The kids keep taking off with mine.)


(via ModCloth)
This top is so cute. I love the color and the little sparrows


(via Forever 21)
It’s pretty hard for me to start shopping for cold weather items. I think we had a few days of cold weather here in Texas and then the temperature shot back to 90 degrees. BUT I think this pink beanie is adorable and I would wear it no matter the temperature. (But seriously, I’m ready for the cold.)


(via ModCloth)
For all the owl lovers out there. A really adorable set of glasses.


(via ModCloth)
OK I lied. THIS is my favorite thing this week. Any other Elvis lovers out there? No? Just me? But they’re so great! Only problem being that they’re just too crazy awesome to actually WEAR. I mean, I would be so angry if I stepped in gum with these on.


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