Monday Must Haves

Monday Must Haves: Cute and Quirky Finds For The Home

The husband and I are beginning a quest early next year. A quest to buy a house. We’re still working on getting all our ducks in a row, so there’s a very real chance that it might NOT happen. But we hope so. Mostly because we’ve completely outgrown our apartment. Every Birthday and Christmas here with the kids just kills my soul a little bit. I’m up to my eyeballs in toys. I’m surprised I can even see the computer screen right now. But thinking about all the space we will (hopefully) have makes me want to shop for things. So here’s some cute and quirky things that I would love to have in our new home.


Cute As a Button Coaster
Way too cute. This isn’t my first time to see button coasters, but the colors of these really sets it apart from all the others. Plus they’re made from wood and not some flimsy material. So I know Atlas could throw one and break something in the house, but it probably won’t be the coaster!


Ice Cream Social Spinning Server
This little thing is so perfect. You can put four different toppings in the ice cream cones. That’s the part that spins. And then the center can be used for things like hot fudge or whipped cream. Adorable.


Crocheted Flamingo Head
Once again, my love for flamingos has lead me to something crazy and completely awesome. It’s just so cute. I can’t help myself.


Alice in Wonderland Door/Drawer Knob
I would love to have these all over my house. I’d be tempted to change every single knob, but it’d also be fun to put them in random enough places that people would have to take notice before using them. That way they don’t just become background noise.


Sweet Treats Salt + Pepper Shaker Set
I always feel like buying salt and pepper shakers is a DANGEROUS road. Because no matter what I find, I always find other ones that I love just as much. And I really don’t want to be that person who has a billion sets and nowhere to put them. But look at these…swirls, sprinkles, polka dots, and is that a strawberry on top of one? I don’t know if I can resist these.


Colo(u)r Finger Hooks
How awesome are these? Great for keeping keys and other random things away from the kids. Plus the added bonus of making visitors do a double-take. Actually they’d be pretty perfect for a Halloween decoration. They’re cast from real hands, so I can’t help but wonder whose fingers these are…


Bicycle Pizza Cutter
For all the bicycle lovers out there! It’s cute, quirky, and sharp!


Plum & Bow Critter Plate
Fantastically cute and dishwasher safe. They actually have four different ones with different animals and colors. I’d love to have them all, but my favorite is this pink one with the bunny.


Vintage 1950’s Reconditioned Typewriter
Not that I would ever have THAT amount of money to throw down for a typewriter. But if I did…well, I would own this already. I mean, look at it. It’s a pastel lover’s dream.


Air Balloon Birdhouse
I would LOVE to have this. I have a pretty big obsession with hot air balloons and airships, so this is just perfect. My only concern would be the reviews that say it’s very heavy. I’d be paranoid about trying to hang it on a sturdy branch or finding a place indoors without breaking it.


Rambling Rose Fairy Lights
Sometimes you can find some really awesome things on Etsy. Take these fairy lights for example. I’d love to decorate my home in Christmas lights, but during the day Christmas lights are very BORING. These, on the other hand, are beautiful with the lights on OR off.


Merfolk Dishtowel
This just made me smile. I love mermaids and they DO have a mermaid version (it’s cute with some little fish), but this merman one just makes me happy. I mean, look at that awesome mustache, his totally cool seashell barbell, and he’s clearly very impressed with his own GUNS. Which are needed for…punching things under water. And that’s not easy to do. Just ask Aquaman.

4 thoughts on “Monday Must Haves: Cute and Quirky Finds For The Home

    1. Yes! They’re very sweet aren’t they? And I linked them! But it’s probably not as obvious as it should be. Haha. Just click the “Random Rose Fairy Lights” underlined title 🙂

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