Monday Must Haves

Monday Must Haves: Cardigan You Stole My Heartigan

The cooler weather is starting to make its way into our lives. It’s not quite cold enough to pull out the big coats and jackets, but it’s certainly time for a light sweater or cardigan. And why buy new cardigans when you can shop vintage? My favorites are the white/cream ones with a pop of pastel colored embroidery. Because everyone needs a little color pop! Especially heading into these autumn and winter months when everything is a bit dreary and gray.


1050’s/60’s Beaded Floral Cardigan
This one is probably my favorite. The detail on this cardigan is just incredible. Green, yellow, blue, pink, and red floral detail all over the front with just the RIGHT amount on the back. Plus the pearl buttons. So sweet.



1050’s Pastel Pink Cardigan with Pearls and Ribbon
I realize there’s no color pop in this one at all. But it’s the perfect shade of pink and the tiny little pearls are just plain adorable.



1950’s Beaded Mohair Cardigan
Beautiful cream colored cardigan with blue, pink, and yellow flowers and ribbons? Sign me up!



1960’s Striped Handmade in Italy Cardigan
I am and probably always will be a sucker for stripes. The colors are beautiful and the fact that it was handmade in Italy is fascinating.



1960’s Knit Cream Cardigan
I absolutely love the colors in this cardigan. I love how each petal of the flowers are a different shade of the same color. But my favorite are the flowers with alternating pink and purple petals. So amazing.



Vintage Handmade Cardigan
This is another handmade vintage cardigan that’s just fascinating. I’ve seen repeats of vintage items before, because they’ve been mass produced at one time. But if you want something that’s one-of-a-kind, usually a handmade item is the way to go. I love the stripes, of course. And the design is so unique.



Vintage Yellow Cardigan with Two Detachable Bows
My first thought when I saw this one was “like a clown!” And then I might have laughed a little bit. But I actually really love clowns and I love this cardigan. I’ve never seen one that comes with detachable bows. It just makes this one so amazingly sweet.



1960’s White Embroidered Cardigan
This one is just perfect. The minimalistic design and the beautiful white make the colors really stand out.



Vintage Pink Cardigan with Black Bow Appliques
Pink! I’m a firm believer that you can never have too much pink! And the little black bows on this are perfect. They are embroidered on the front with sweet golden thread. Very cute.



1960’s Embroidered Floral Cardigan
Yet another cream cardigan with beautiful embroidered flowers. I love the way the colorful flowers completely border this little cardigan. Plus it’s vintage, but it’s NEVER been worn. It’s a Dead Stock item, which basically means it’s been sitting in a warehouse somewhere. With this cardigan you get the “vintage” without the “used” so it’s awesome if you’re someone who’s never really cared for previously worn items.


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