Monday Must Haves

Monday Must Haves: The Wearing White After Labor Day Survival Guide


You might want to send your kids to the other room, throw a blanket over yourself and the monitor (or phone), and hold your breath. My wishlist today is based on the scandalous act of wearing white after labor day. Cue scary music.

I think most people are aware of this rule even if they don’t pay any attention to fashion. But where did this dreaded “no no” come from? No one really knows for certain. There are a few theories though. One being that it was created by women of high society in the 1800’s. At the time, high society was governed by the ultra rich and as others began to grow rich, the women of old money felt the need to differentiate themselves from the mudbloods and squibs…I mean…the women with new money. They essentially created rules like this one so they could point and laugh at everyone who didn’t get the memo.

Another theory is that wearing white after labor day just doesn’t make sense. First of all, because white clothes tend to deflect the sun and dark clothes absorb the sun. So by wearing white clothes people are keeping the heat off their bodies instead of holding it close. Second, it’s easier to see dirt on white clothes, making this a possibly bad choice during rainy/snowy weather. This probably had a greater impact years ago when dirt roads were the norm. Last, and my favorite, wearing white may camouflage a person so that they cannot be seen during a heavy fog or snowstorm. All were valid reasons at the time this fashion rule was created and some are still logical today. But who needs logic in fashion?

So I’ve compiled a list of dresses that I, for one, would love to wear after labor day. I tried to find ones that were longer in length with long sleeves and made of thicker material. But a few were just too cute not to include even though they aren’t very practical. And now I’m in love with the idea of showing up to a Christmas party dressed like a sweet snowflake. Probably a shivering snowflake, but still.


one // two // three


four // five // six


seven // eight // nine

Here are a few coats and cardigans that would definitely help me stay warm. They could also guard my white dress from all that evil dirt that’s floating around.


one // two // three

one // two // three

Last but not least, if I happen to be caught in a fog or snowstorm and wearing a white coat or no coat at all, I can find solace in carrying one of these colorful clutches. I’ll just wave one of these bad beauties around so that people can see me. Problem solved.


one // two // three

So do you enjoy following this fashion rule? Or do you go the way of Coco Chanel and wear what you please?
Leave me a comment and let me know!

2 thoughts on “Monday Must Haves: The Wearing White After Labor Day Survival Guide

  1. Wow, I love dress #4!
    I can’t follow rules though. I’d wear it every other day except for labor day, that’s the one day I’d probs take it off and give it a wash hehe 😀

    1. Hah! I love that idea! It’s funny how the “rule” is changing. Now it’s almost to the point that if anyone criticizes someone else for NOT following the rule, they end up being the ones who didn’t get the memo.

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