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Summer and a Little Janis Joplin


I’m so not ready for summer to end. Usually I am by this time, but the heat in Texas has actually been pretty bearable this year. It didn’t get to a hundred degrees until August. Which is awesome. And I get a little overwhelmed when I stop to think about the approaching cold weather. It’s already a challenge keeping up with all of the kid’s things (I’m a self-proclaimed over packer of the diaper bag) whenever we leave the house, but now we’ll have extra layers of clothes and coats to keep up with. Usually the cold doesn’t hit until mid-to-late October though, so I still have some time to enjoy the warmth and the lighter diaper bag.


My birthday and Jeremy’s are pretty close together, so we ended up celebrating them together with some family. We ate, swam, and opened presents. But the best part was when Shade (or should I say, Janis Joplin — I think it’s the hair) decided to play the guitar and sing some songs she made up on the spot. She sang Happy Birthday to me and her daddy as well. But then of course she got carried away and started singing Happy Birthday to everyone in the room.


Shade is so fearless. I wish that I was that fearless at her age. Or any age. Nothing drags her down. Well, I drag her down. Because I do have to scale her back at times, but then other times I realize that the only thing that needs to be scaled back is myself. She is her own person who sees the world in a way that I’m still trying to understand. And she’s so full of emotions. Whether they are good or bad, she never hides them. She’s an amazing girl and I hope she never changes. Those teen years though…ruh-roh. Look out world!

Hope everyone is enjoying the rest of their summer!

Flamingo Tank – Vintage
Pink Shorts – Vintage
Sunglasses – Target

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